We Decided to Become Farmers

We Decided to Become Farmers

In the heart of a food desert what kind of empowerment is possible? We Decided To Become Farmers highlights the historic impact of The Urban Farming Institute and the transformation of unused lots into community solutions. Follow Bobby, Nataka, and Sierra through the streets of Boston, as they reconnect to nature across the seasons, catalyzing unexpected personal healing.

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Screens With:
Unexpected Conservation shorts block

Directed by:
Rob Herring, Ryan Wirick

18 mins

Main Film Contact:
Rob Herring (RobHerring@EarthConsciousLife.org)

Meet the Director:
Rob Herring and Ryan Wirick formed Earth Conscious Films to share empowering stories of solutions for environmental and human health. Their most recent feature, The Need To GROW, narrated by Rosario Dawson, won multiple Best Documentary Awards and has screened in over 175 countries. Their project, Farmacy of Light, is in post-production, with a scheduled release for 2022.

Cast & Crew

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2010 Flora St, Dallas,
TX 75201

Info: 214-310-1200
Box Office: 937-935-1028
Accessibility: 206-960-2192