Wastewater: A Tale of Two Cities

Wastewater: A Tale of Two Cities

Told by community members, advocates, utility operators and elected officials; Wastewater: A Tale of two Cities tells of two towns in Alabama facing decades of neglegiance and racial discrimination in their wastewater infrastructure. As the nation grapples with how to fund long overdue infrastructure needs, this film brings to light the need for urgency and equity in these decisions.

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Screens With:
Before They Fall and Kahuli

Directed by:
Sarah Franke

22 mins

Main Film Contact:
Kelly Marshall (southernexposure@alabamarivers.org)

Meet the Director:
Sarah Franke is a Chicago-based filmmaker and photographer. Franke is interested in delving into the complex relationships that exist between humans and their environment. Drawn to stories with environmental or social impact, Franke aims to produce work that engages, informs and resonates with diverse audiences.

Cast & Crew

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