They Carry Us With Them

They Carry Us With Them

This film, part of the feature multimedia story They Carry us with Them: The Great Tree Migration, profiles Gabriel Frey, a thirteenth-generation Passamaquoddy black ash basketmaker. A cultural knowledge keeper, Gabriel wonders what is at stake for his daughters’ generation in the face of predictions that the emerald ash borer will decimate ash trees in North America.

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Screens With:
Tigre Gente

Directed by:
Jeremy Seifert

6 mins

Main Film Contact:
Devin Tellatin (

Meet the Director:
Jeremy Seifert is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His feature films include The Devil We Know, GMO OMG and DIVE! Living Off America’s Waste. Seifert’s films for Emergence Magazine include The Church Forests of Ethiopia and On the Road with Thomas Merton.

Cast & Crew

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