The Wilderness Within

The Wilderness Within

The Wilderness Within is the story of one man's obsessive quest to re-wild Toronto's ravines by bringing the offspring of ecological elders, or mother trees, back to their natural homes. The film is a call to arms for nature lovers around the world to restore urban wilderness.

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Screens With:
Unexpected Conservation shorts block

Directed by:
Jason van Bruggen

13 mins

Main Film Contact:
Jason van Bruggen(

Meet the Director:
Jason van Bruggen is a self-taught photographer and film-maker based in Canada. Van Bruggen’s work is focused on depicting North American wilderness. Van Bruggen’s images capture the vulnerability of the ecosystems and the people who live within them, illuminating a tension between the strength and fragility of the region and the age-old resolve to survive.

Cast & Crew

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