The Seeds We Keep

The Seeds We Keep

Part narrative essay, part documentary, The Seeds We Keep lifts up a love song for the land, for generational wisdom and for the vital questions that come with seeking one’s home. In the film, cultural preservationist Gabrielle E. W. Carter unfolds a lush vision of what is, and what could be, in her meditation on Black land ownership and seed saving.

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Screens With:
Southern Land and Water shorts block
Presented by New Orleans Film Festival

Directed by:
Gabrielle E. W. Carter

7 mins

Main Film Contact:
Kiyoko McCrae (

Meet the Director:
Gabrielle E. W. Carter is a multi-disciplinary artist and cultural preservationist who uses diasporic and local food as a vehicle to re-imagine wealth, marginalized food systems and inheritance. Carter’s work uses oral history, cooking and agriculture to engage audiences and create contemporary source materials and points of access.

Cast & Crew

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