The Monster in our Closet

The Monster in our Closet

We are wearing fossil fuels. The fashion industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined. The Monster in Our Closet documents how a determined lawyer, a surfing materials developer and a witty climate reporter work to tackle the problem of plastic in fashion by championing solutions through policy, design and individual action.

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Screening Times:
Sunday, 11:00 - 11:45 am | NextGen
Sunday, 3:00 - 3:45 pm | NextGen


Directed by:
Kathryn Francis, Nicole Gormley

27 mins

Main Film Contact:
Kathryn Francis (

Meet the Director:
Kathryn Francis is a documentary director and producer with a background in political science and international education. Francis’ two main goals in life and work are to protect our wild places and to empower marginalized groups and individuals to stand in their power to share their stories.

Nicole Gormley is a documentary filmmaker with the aim to tell stories that inspire people to rethink their relationship to nature while inspiring them to protect the environment. Using her natural ability to connect with people, Gormley approaches projects from the lens of a shared human experience.

Cast & Crew

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