The Land of Griffons

The Land of Griffons

On the North-western coast of Sardinia lives the last native Italian colony of Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus fulvus). Domenico Ruiu, an experienced photographer and conservationist, tells us about the dangers threatening the survival of the colony and about the work of the “Life Under Griffon Wings” project fighting to ensure a safe future for the colony.

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Screens With:
Unexpected Conservation shorts block

Directed by:
Riccardo Soriano

10 mins

Main Film Contact:
Riccardo Soriano (

Meet the Director:
Riccardo Soriano is a BAFTA shortlisted and award winning filmmaker based between Rome and London. Soriano’s film projects focus on environmental and conservation issues. Soriano grew up in Calabria, where he established a deep connection with nature and developed his aesthetic sensibility. In 2020 he started an MA at the prestigious National Film and Television School (UK).

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