Slim Pickins

Slim Pickins

On the corner of Main Street in Stephenville, Texas sits Slim Pickins Outfitters, the first Black-owned outdoor shop in the Country. Owned by Jahmicah Dawes and his wife Heather, the shop has become a staple in the community that represents fellowship, allyship and outfitting friends for their next adventure. More than retail, the Dawes are telling a story of hope and reconciliation, of community and friendship in an America that desperately needs to hear it.

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Screens With:
Reel Rock: Black Ice and Learning to Drown

Directed by:
Justin Michael Jeffers

15 mins

Main Film Contact:
Greg Balkin (

Meet the Director:
Justin Michael Jeffers is a multi-media visual artist residing in Seattle, Washington. Jeffers strives to create thoughtful content that fully reflects the mixed culture and community he grew up in. Recently, Jeffers has led workshops on Visual Storytelling at the NorthWest African American Museum in Seattle, as well as directed the short film Visualizing Lies which won the April Art With Impact Short Film Competition in April 2019.

Cast & Crew

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