Raised from Earth

Raised from Earth

Under Arizona’s cinnamon-hued Canelo Hills, a mother shares ancient building traditions with her three sons. In Puebloan creation stories, adobe structures (like people) emerge from the earth and return to the earth. For Athena Steen, it’s the family memories, skills, knowledge, love, laughter and the clay itself that endure.

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Screens With:
The Ants and the Grasshopper

Directed by:
Forest Woodward

9 mins

Main Film Contact:
Monika McClure (monika.mcclure@patagonia.com)

Meet the Director:
Forest Woodward works with both stills and motion. In his work, Woodward honors the tradition of the concerned photographer while seeking to more deeply explore the visceral and emotional connections between humans and their rapidly shifting relationship to the natural world.

Cast & Crew

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