Patagonia Provisions: The Ocean Solution Film

Patagonia Provisions: The Ocean Solution Film

Meet Bren Smith, the ocean farming pioneer whose vertical kelp and shellfish farms can transform the way food is produced. The Ocean Solution proves there is a way to produce large quantities of nutritious food that fights the climate crisis, cleans the ocean, creates aquatic habitat and sustains a tried and true fisherman’s sea-going way of life.

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Directed by:
Darcy Hennessey Turenne

14 mins

Main Film Contact:
Alexis Fraser (

Meet the Director:
Darcy Hennessey Turenne is an award-winning director from Vancouver, Canada. A staple in the outdoor, environmental and action sports communities — her work extends far beyond the sports world. Known for her whimsical visuals and nuanced storytelling, Turenne’s interests and scope as a director span from narrative to documentary.

Cast & Crew

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