Mission Mountain

Mission Mountain

Mission Mountain follows first generation rancher Amy O’Hoyt as she navigates being a female in a male-dominated industry. O’hoyt learns what it means to be in a business where your product is alive and why practicing sustainability in a circular economy is important for a strong future.

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Screening Times:

  • Fri 1:30pm Studio Theater
  • Sat 7:30pm Moody Hall



Screens With:
We Feed People

Directed by:
Kody Kohlman, Andrew Bydlon

10 mins

Main Film Contact:
Kody Kohlman (kody@kodykohlman.com)

Meet the Director:
Kody Kohlman and Andrew Bydlon have been partnering on projects that highlight stories of people working to make a difference, big or small. They both reside in Boulder, Colorado.

Cast & Crew

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