Like a River

Like a River

Artist and climber Jeremy Collins has had a long and loving relationship with the desert canyons of the American southwest. He describes his passion for three canyons, and creates a new mural that combines them on paper in the short film Like a River.

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Screens With: Deep in the Heart (opening night)
Arts in the Wild shorts block

Directed by:
Jim Aikman

4 mins

Main film Contact:
Jim Aikman (

Meet the Director:
Jim Aikman is an award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer, writer and commercial director living in Portland, Oregon. Aikman works on feature and short documentaries, podcasts, web series, branded content and more. Aikman works for dozens of clients and distributors around the world. Aikman specializes in character driven stories about adventure, natural history, science and the triumph of the human spirit.

Cast & Crew

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