Humanity Has Not Yet Failed

Humanity Has Not Yet Failed

Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s message juxtaposes the absurdity of political inaction with the straightforward high-stakes of the climate emergency in this animated film. Playful and poignant, Humanity Has Not Yet Failed pits a ludicrous status quo against the clear-eyed activism necessary to shift the balance of power and create a sustainable, just and equitable world.

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Screens With:
Unexpected Conservation Shorts Block

Directed by:
Norma V. Toraya, Jared P Scott

8 mins

Main Film Contact:
Jared P Scott (

Meet the Director:
Norma V. Toraya aka Crankbunny is an award-winning AICP® animator and director. Toraya has animated films for the #MeToo movement, United Nations, Nike, Adult Swim, Plan Canada and the rock band Rush. Toraya has worked alongside Girls that Code, Wheaton College, Ghetto Film School.

Jared P. Scott is an Emmy-nominated director and New York Times bestseller. Films include Requiem for the American Dream (Netflix), The Age of Consequences (Starz, PBS) and The Great Green Wall. Scott has worked alongside, Avaaz, the Sierra Club and the People’s Climate Movement to make films to spark climate action, fossil-fuel divestment.

Cast & Crew

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