Finding Gulo

Finding Gulo

Finding Gulo follows Steph Williams, a ski guide and field biologist, as she works with wildlife photographer Dave Moskowitz to capture images and data of a recovering population of wolverines near her home in Washington state. Williams has long been concerned about the impacts of climate change, and as her connection deepens with the wolverines, so does her commitment to prove that citizen science can be a critical tool to protect endangered wildlife.

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Screens With:
Spirit of the Peaks

Directed by:
Colin Arisman, Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

26 mins

Main Film Contact:
Caelinn Donahue (

Meet the Director:
Colin Arisman is a non-fiction director whose work focuses on outdoor culture, backcountry recreation, ecology, conservation, wild foods and rural communities. Arisman’s impact filmmaking synthesizes complex topics into compelling human stories grounded in visceral experience. Arisman’s roots are in Vermont, but these days you’re most likely to find him in Alaska.

Tyler Wilkinson-Ray is a filmmaker whose work fits in the outdoor film genre., and Hhis passion lies in capturing unique characters, discovering off-the-beaten-path stories, and finding new ways to talk about old problems. Wilkinson-Ray can build a team around a budget and creative direction and carry a piece from concept development through post-production. Mostly, he enjoys a challenge and a good story that needs to be told. Wilkinson-Ray is based in Aspen, Colorado.

Cast & Crew

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