Camp Yoshi

Camp Yoshi

Rashad Frazier created Camp Yoshi as a space for Black people and allies to unplug and reconnect with the wilderness. By virtue of being in these places, Camp Yoshi's trips transform historically segregated spaces into safe havens for community, conversation and nourishment.

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Screens With:
Art in the Wild shorts block

Directed by: Faith E Briggs

10 mins

Main Film Contact:
Faith E Briggs (

Meet the Director:
Faith E. Briggs is a creative producer and filmmaker who is passionate about sharing contemporary stories that widen the spectrum of representation. Briggs’ favorite feelings are a tie between sun on skin and warm mud oozing between bare toes. Briggs is grateful for the life changing knowledge of literary grandmothers such as Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Toni Morrison, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Cade Bambara and many more.

Cast & Crew

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