Bad Boy of Bonsai

Bad Boy of Bonsai

Bad Boy of Bonsai is an experimental art house documentary that profiles Guy Guidry, a Louisiana local, and his passion for bonsai. This numinous short film reminds audiences that our inner worlds are just as elaborate and beautiful as the universe around us.

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Screens With:
Southern Land and Water shorts block

Presented by:
New Orleans Film Festival

Directed by:
J. Alejandro Moreno

6 mins

Main Film Contact:
J. Alejandro Moreno (

Meet the Director:
J. Alejandro Moreno is a New Orleans-based freelance filmmaker. Often described as abstract, vulnerable and hyper-nostalgic, Moreno's images include subtitles that invite his audience to explore their inner world, and ultimately, help them find peace.

Cast & Crew

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