An Eye for Detail

An Eye for Detail

After being diagnosed with autism at age 11, Alfie Bowen was bullied constantly throughout school, which resulted in suicide attempts and psychosis. Through his love for animals and passion for photography, Alfie discovered a way to deal with the darkness. An Eye For Detail explores how nature and art can become not only an outlet for those living with disabilities, but a therapy for people struggling from mental illness.

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Screens With:
Art in the Wild shorts block

Directed by:
Matthew Harmer

6 mins

Main Film Contact:
Alexia Lafeuille (

Meet the Director:
Matthew Harmer is an award-winning Director with over ten years of experience making films, specializing in documentary and branded content. From the Scottish Highlands to Ivorian Jungles, Harmer has made films all over the world, often in extreme conditions. In 2019 Harmer was one of twelve filmmakers awarded the Barbican Centre Film Grant for his documentary about digital identities.

Cast & Crew

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