American Scar

American Scar

When a wedding photographer mistakenly captures a dynamite blast at the US-Mexico border, he discovers a wide-ranging environmental catastrophe that could put the future of animal life in North America at risk.

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Screens With:
Battle for the Heart of Texas

Directed by:
Daniel Lombroso

13 mins

Main Film Contact:
Daniel Lombroso (

Meet the Director:
Daniel Lombroso is now a filmmaker at The New Yorker, after spending five years at The Atlantic. Lombroso’s debut feature, White Noise, for which he spent four years embedded inside the alt-right, premiered in 2020 to critical acclaim. Lombroso has been interviewed about his work in Variety, Vox, NPR and Filmmaker Magazine. Lombroso lives in New York City.

Cast & Crew

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TX 75201

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